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What Separates Winners From Losers?

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There are either winners or losers ( mediocres don't find space here). So what separates them? It's their mindset. Losers are afraid because the tunnel through which they have to go through is dark and deep, but winners only focus on the light which is at the end of it. It is well said that there are always 2 sides of the same coin, which implies that you can either be pessimistic about the situation, or be optimistic about the future.

Life throws so many setbacks, so many failures, that it becomes very easy to feel melancholic about it. Successful people never look at the product like other people; the paramount importance to them is rather the process which they are undergoing, that will eventually help them to be a better person. Again, optimism is the key. The mindset of winners are different, their perspectives are different, therefore their rewards are different. Positive outlook towards life will always reap a positive result.
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