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The Importance Of Goals

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We have heard it many times that in order to be able to achieve your dreams, you've got to accomplish your goals which will invariably help you to make your dreams become a reality. Many people get confused between the terms 'Dream' and 'Goal'. Well, imagine about the things that you'd like to have by the time you are 30, or 40, or even 70 years old. Is it living in the posh city of Beverly Hills, working with the tech giants in Silicon Valley or to make a hell lot of money to not only financially secure yourself, but also your coming generations.

All these things which you want in your life are known as your dreams. These are the things which one wants in his/her life. These are those humongous and gargantuan things which one aspires to have before he/she dies. Without having a dream, one would only be leading a futile and a meaningless life. Every person has a purpose which makes him/her get up in the morning and chase the things that he/she wants. The bigger the dream, the more is the grind.

Image result for importance of goals in life hd imagesHaving said about dream, lets shift our focus to the goals. What are goals and how will they help us to achieve our dreams?

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Goals are the primary and the most important steps which one makes to get a bit closer to their dreams then they had been before. Those without goals just spend their entire lives waiting for a day when they will become an overnight success. Now you can either create success or you can wait for an alignment of some celestial bodies to get you success. You have 2 choices in life- Be a creator or be a waiter. Since you are currently reading this article, I presume that you belong to the former category.

Goals are those step by step methods which helps us to face the struggles of life and triumph over it. They are the To- Do things which one must do no matter what. I believe that there is a certain age group for dreaming and setting goals. Like if you are a high school student, I recommend you to dream as much as you can. If you are a sophomore, you've still got time, but if you're a senior, then no more dreaming. I mean it. Dreaming is over for you guys. Now you've got to work on your specifics, like what are you gonna do on Monday, what are you gonna do on Tuesday.

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Write your goals down every single day. Make sure you have at least 5 on the list which will enable you to achieve 150 smalls goals a month and around 1800 a year. Now that's a big figure. When you look at your goals which you had written down, you get to know about the work which you have put in and the work which is required to achieve your goals. Let me warn you! Don't burden yourself with too many goals. That was a mistake which I used to commit earlier. I would just get up in the morning and start making a long list of things which I wanted to get done.

Then by noon, I would realise that I had set an unrealistic goal and would soon do the easiest thing one could ever- Go to sleep (stop laughing) . So the point is that it's not only about pushing yourself to the limits, but it's more about learning to deal with your limits. Whenever you finish a goal, it will make you mentally stronger to accomplish the next. As Bob Proctor said 'Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there'.

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