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Why I like the books of Dan Brown

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We have all at one point in our lives regarded ourselves as bibliophiles. We have all been in a place where we get so engrossed into our literary paperbacks that the reality seems to be a at a far distant from us. You might have already, that I am no exception.
I consider myself as a voracious reader of books who reads various genres since I don't want to deprive myself of the magnum opus of the literary greats in their respective subjects. Off late, I have been reading a lot of thriller books and who else could be better that the 'master of thriller', Dan Brown.

Literally guys, I have fell in love with his books! He has cracked the 'bestseller' code.The protagonist, Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbiologist, who strives to decipher seemingly impossible codes and tasks to save the planet. He is no less than a superhero for me, who unlike other superheroes, uses his brainpower rather than muscle power to get things done. Enigmatic puzzles and a completely riveting storyline of this epigrammatic persona takes you to a roller coaster ride. Most of his stories have a 24 hour timeline which makes it even more intriguing. Having sold more than 220 million books worldwide, he is in no way a novice when it comes to presenting his story to the people (that too a book of about 600 pages) and is the best in the business.

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His book, 'The Da Vinci Code' sold over 80 million copies and even created a controversy in the christian world since in that book, Dan Brown had put forth the hypothesis that Jesus had married Lady Magdalene and had fathered a child, named Sarah. Apart from the fictional characters and their actions, Dan Brown Claims that all the places, art and historical events mentioned in his books are entirely real.

His books not only stretches your mind to new horizons, but also gives you invaluable knowledge regarding art, science, philosophy, symbology, etc.His new book, 'The Origin' had recently hit the stores and has been welcomed by the people with open arms. Though Jeffrey Archer is also a great writer on thriller genres and even way more prolific than Brown, but I still would rank the books of Brown on a higher level since his books go through a gargantuan amount of research work conducted by Brown and his team.

The very fact that many of his books have been adapted into movies with the actor par excellence, Tom Hanks playing the lead role in all of the movies speak volumes about this erudite writer. Even after all this, if there is still an iota of doubt remaining inside of you regarding the capabilities of this brilliant writer, then by all means grab a book of Dan Brown and read it. I'm sure that after that, we'll be on the same page.

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