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How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

It is a well known fact that over the years, there has been a significant shift in the mindset of the people from the one which settled for average to the one which is allergic to it and has pledged allegiance to the grind and the hustle. So how can you join that elite group? So how can you master your craft? Here is a 3 step guide to help you to operate in your next level of greatness.

  • Dream Big
Make sure you get this one right into your head 'No one ever became a millionaire having a dream to only fulfill his/her basic necessities'. You have to have some big dreams in your life which will make you get up early in the morning for the completion of the work which you've got to do.

 I don't advocate that dreaming will get you success, but I do advocate that dreamers would have a far better launchpad to glory than the ones who are clueless about the things that they want from life.

  • Follow The Giants
Now you have a dream and you are ready to pursue it. But most of you would face setbacks at your initial stage. You would be battling out with yourself regarding whether to go ahead or throw in the towel. But do you think that it was hunky dory for the successful people? Hell no.

 Then how did they do it? They were able to do it because they studied the people who had already accomplished what they want to do. If you want to be in that Rare-Air League, then you've got to study other successful people through their books, videos, podcasts or whichever way possible. Because if you walk with the giants, your thinking will change, which will result in your changed actions that would lead you to a better result.

  •  Be Committed and Consistent
The amount of dedication of a person with regard to his work is seen by looking at the efforts and the passion that is put in by him/her. Whatever work you do, you've got to be dedicated and passionate regarding
it, only then you would be able to do justice to your task. One of the biggest pieces of advice which I've ever got from my dad was- Son, whatever task you start, make sure you finish it.

It is said that without commitment you'll never start, but more importantly, without consistency, you'll never finish. Whatever work you do, you've got to go all in. My friends have so often advised me that I should not write these articles on a consistent basis, because soon I might run out of words or ideas.

Well I am not here to showcase my lexicon to anybody and I am definitely not worried about new ideas because they are not coming from some external sources, these are coming from within and I am very sure that through my experiences, I can write a hell lot more than this.

So that was all that I wanted to convey to you guys. Make sure you learn and apply it in your life. You can follow my blog to get regular updates regarding my upcoming blog posts. Feel free to share it to your near and dear ones. Tell me how you felt reading this by writing in the comments. I'm looking forward to write another article. Till then,

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