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I'd Rather Die Of Passion Than Boredom

Okay, so to be honest, the title of this article is not mine. I just came across this one while I was flipping through the pages of an old English notebook of mine. At that time, I had left an entire page for it so that I could write on it later ( but seriously I'd never thought that the word 'later' could even stretch to 3 years). But maybe I was too lazy at that time to sit on my chair and do that work. But now, I am all ready to give it a go. It is dedicated to my English teacher. It is not lengthy, since I have taken the word limit into consideration (I don't want to disappoint my mam again).

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Too often we do the things which are not actually what we wish to do, but still do it anyway just because we don't want to look bohemian in this typical society where you are expected to do the things in the same manner as it had been done before by others. We don't do the things for which we are called to, just because of our fear of the unknown which drives us into mediocrity.

 We all have passion, but some of us decide not to pursue it simply because it doesn't  seem to reap any reward. Simply because it demands a lot of our effort and time. So what do people generally do? They drift back. They relent. But the question still remains-'Was it all worth it'? Is the comfort zone going to present to us more rewards than following our passion would? What would our life look like if we commit ourselves to follow our passion and leave the crowd far behind us?
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We would face one out of the following two- Either we will be on top of the mountain having a sense of pride for being the most dominating person ever to be on that particular field, or we will fail and will be right where we are now. Either you'll be at sky high or at the ground. So don't you reckon that taking  risks and following your passion will prove out to be far more lucrative? Get out of your phone, Switch off the T.V. and start doing the things which you are so passionate about that no one can do better than you. Face the thrill of life, learn new things and master you skills. I promise you that you'll never ever would like to get back to your old life.

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