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The Need For Motivation

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There are days when we don't feel like doing what we ought to do. There are times when the only thing which seems to surround us is the darkness, cast by failure. Even the greats had had their shares of lows in their life. So what is the thing which drives a person even when his/her chips are down? What is that force which moves a person to his/her dreams, even when everyone else seems to have given up hopes on him? There maybe different terms given by different people. The spiritual group would give one name while the opulent class may coin another term. But if you ask me, I would call it as motivation.
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It is the thing which acts as a catalyst to get your energy level and your subsequent actions to a whole another level. Do you think the legends were feeling lethargic while working on their respective crafts? Do you reckon Roger Federer would have won his 19th Grand Slam, had he not loved the process of sweating it out for hours in the practice courts? Maybe some might have views which could be very much opposite to mine.

Well, I maybe wrong. I've never claimed my opinions to be totally right. But don't you feel that motivation is one of the biggest element behind one's success. Every single day when we get up in the morning, we've got a quick decision to make out of the possible 2 options- Either to go back to the dreamland or get up and do the things required. Now I presume that you fall in the later category. So what do you think is the reason behind others pressing the snooze button when the morning alarm rings?

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The answer is simple- They lack the motivation to get up. They don't know what will they be doing after getting up from the bed. It is motivation which helps you to achieve your personal freedom. It is motivation which energizes and pumps you up when you encounter a new challenge in life. It presents a reason on why you've got to do a specific thing. I don't know what your 'Why' is. It might be to get out of destitution, or making your parents proud, or proving others wrong who had doubted on your skills and abilities or to bring light to others' life or whatever. You must have observed a sea- change in the way you respond to the obstacles if you are motivated enough to wither any storm which comes in your way.

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I personally like to read positive books and articles to motivate myself. Even when I write articles in this blog, it fuels me to walk the talk. 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' is the most inspiring book I've ever come across in my life and I highly recommend you to read it. The day when you get motivated, I am sure that you will achieve great heights, but I urge you that when you find people who are exactly in the same position you ones used to find yourself to be, please make sure that you help them.

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