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Being Relentless

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Roger Federer, one of the most decorated sportsperson, holds the record of having the highest number of Grand Slams under his belt-18. Usain Bolt did something which no other person in the whole of mankind could do- he ran 100 meters in mere 9.58 seconds.

I can go on writing about these great personalities for hours, but what I need you to understand is this: they were not overnight sensations, they did not become great accidentally, rather they strived for it, they breathed it, ate it and slept it. It is said that dreams are not those which you see when you are asleep, but they are those which doesn't let you sleep until you make them into a reality. Relentlessness is the trait which is common among all the greats.

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Famous footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo once said 'I have cars, I have money, I have everything. But you don't know how much sacrifice I had to do to get to the place where I am now. I had to be away from my family and had to go through innumerable amount of pains in my life.' To be relentless means to out-think others, to out-smart others and to out-work others. It means that you get to a point where all that matters to you is your work and get to a position where your competitors try to raise their standard in order to catch up with you. It is a state where you don't compromise on your work ethic, you don't settle for anything but the best and you don't stop till you get what you wished for.
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If you wanted to stop, you should have done it a long time ago, but now it's about here or there, there's no middle ground. You didn't come this gar to only come this far, you've come too far to quit now; you've come too far to relax now ad you've come too far to let someone else take away your dream which you so badly wished to possess. Don't let your hard work go in vain. Keep going, work hard and be relentless. You'll get what you want.
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