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Today I Faced Rejection

Well, after reading so many highly inspirational and power-packed articles of mine, many of my reader are saying that I have no idea what failure looks like and that's the reason why I say it without any hesitation that one should get up after experiencing a failure.
 Well guys, I don't think that I will ever have a second thought about the things which I have said in my blog posts. What do you think, that I am this esoteric, god-like thing who never faces any challenges and am here to preach others? Well, sorry to say, but, you got it wrong.
I am a person who has failed more times than I could even remember. I am a person who gets rejected and is left heartbroken very often. I have my own set of personal problems to deal with. But you why I still write these positive articles to you all guys? Its because it gives me a ray of hope. My heart says that if you are good enough to preach others, than you are also bold enough to tackle your own problems.
Let me share with you all this incident which happened to me this morning. Two days back, I had submitted an article to the addicted2success website hoping that I will be selected and could see my article being posted there. I had literally poured my heart out to the content of the material and left no stone unturned to make that, one of my magnum opus. I waited one full day yesterday, but I didn't get their e-mail. Today I got it and was saddened to know that it got rejected simply because the title of my article seemed to be matching someone else's.
I actually had never thought of checking on that website to know whether such a title was there or not. For a few minutes, I felt sad, but I soon picked myself up and went back to the grind. I am starting to write again, this would hopefully be better than the previous one. So guys, all I want to say is that never lose hope. Fall down 7 times, get up 8. If  I can do it, then I know you can definitely overcome absolutely anything.

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