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The Purpose of Life

In this era,where most of the people are trying to chase materialistic pleasure,I was surprised to see some youth discussing about life and it's meaning.While I was walking past through them, I overheard them talking about karma, destiny and spiritual enlightenment.I stopped,went near them and I asked about the subject of discussion.They told me that they were discussing about life and it's meaning.Then, a short bespectacled boy with a blonde hair stepped forward and asked me the following question: I have seen a lot of your blog posts where I see you writing a lot about life and the qualities which one should possess.Let me ask you a kind of deep question,'What is the purpose of life?'

 Suddenly, his mom came to call him and he went to his home as quickly as his question had approached me. Well, I thought about it and have finally come to a conclusion;there are two purposes of life:

1. To become a better person.

2. To help as many people as possible.

Just think about it for a few seconds, you have so many resources at your disposal, you have such a vast amount of potential within you, even technology is helping you to improve yourself in areas of productivity and creativity, then don't you think that owe yourself the responsibility to become better every single day?

Let me give you a very hypothetical situation; imagine you are on your deathbed and around your death bed you are surrounded by your unfulfilled dreams, your wasted talents and that skill which you never tried to polish. They are looking at you with large angry eyes and saying that only you could have given us life and now we must die with you. So if you die today what all dreams will be left behind? We have got to strive every single day to become a better version of ourselves. Let me give you one of my favourite quotes to motivate you 'lf you want something which you never got, then you gotta do something which you never did, and in order to do something which you never did, you've gotta become someone you've have never been.'

Now let me talk about the second purpose of your life, which is, you should help as many people as possible. Now let me give you that same deathbed example. When you will be on your death bed, what would be your most cherished thing? Is it going to be the money which you made, or the fame which you accumulated or the luxury with which we lived at that time? You would only have one thing to cherish and that is the impact which you had on others. So many people have helped us who are not with us anymore. So can't we repay them by helping others who are in need of it very badly? The world will remember you on the basis of how much lives were you able to touch upon. If you want to be immortal then there is only way and that is by helping others because of which others will remember you even when you are not there in this world.

I hoped you liked this post and hope that that boy will be satisfied by my reply. Do share this to help others.

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