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Are You Ready To Burn Your Boats?

I happened to read about a Spanish explorer named Hernan Cortes. He wanted to conquer the vast inland plateau of Mexico, for Spain. Now this Mexican empire was believed to have some of the greatest treasure of the world. Unlike in normal cases, where the warrior went all out with his troops to attack the enemy kingdom and forcing an immediate battle, Cortes took a different approach. He stayed there on the beached and awoke the souls of his men in the form of emblazoned speech. His speeches turned out to be so powerful that the troops' fear of failure was replaced by their hunger to become victorious. Still, the odds were highly against his men and faced an uphill task-scarce resources, deadly epidemic and a ferocious enemy. His army knew that if the battle does not go in their favor,retreat was always on the cards. To dispel this negative mindset and to replace it with a fuse of positive one, just a day before the war, he summoned on one his commander and ordered him to Burn the Boats. This decision left the army with only 2 options, either be victorious or die in Mexico, since flight was no longer an option. Keeping this in their mind, they displayed amazing level of fighting spirit and emerged victorious.
So let me ask you this question-Are you ready to burn your boats?Are you ready to fight the challenges of your daily life in a manner as if retreat was no longer an option? You know why many people fail-its because they always have something to fall back on. They have this surety that even if they fail, they have something to protect them. But successful people put all their stakes at the thing which they do and when they fail, they fail with their face on the ground;they fail forward. They work in such a way as if they have nothing to lose and that's biggest distinction between a failure and the successful.
I hope you liked this. Share this story with your friends whom you wish success. 

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