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Life lessons from "Peaceful Warrior"

I saw a fantastic movie yesterday,titled "Peaceful Warrior".Although the movie was based on true events,but it's hard to think of a person who went through such a roller coaster ride,that too at such a young age.The story revolved around Dan Millman ,an American gymnast who was boastful,cynical and arrogant.One day,he  came across an old man whom he called Socrates.This man not only changed his perception about life,but also of all the people who watched the film(at least he changed mine).Now since you know that I always try to learn something new,these are the following few things which I learned from it.
  • There's never nothing going on-It's just that we fail to observe the hundreds of things which goes around us because of our senseless preoccupation on something which had been done and dusted a long back.
  • You've got to live in the present-Sounds so simple,isn't it?Well that's not always the case.People either dwell in their past or think of the future ignoring the very fact that their past has nothing to do with the choices one makes in the present and one's future is greatly influenced by how well one uses his/her present.
  • It's the journey which ought to give us the happiness,not the destination-When one puts in the work just because of the expected product,then that is a sure shot way of complete despondency.One lives in stress and anxiety while achieving something worthwhile which is not completely bound to happen.But think of a person who lives in the moment,enjoys and embraces whatever life has in store for him/her.That person surely knows the secret to happiness-It is the process and not the product which is to be cherished in life,for if you start revering the former,the later one will into your life inevitably.
  • The secret is not what you know,but rather what you do with what you know-Execution is the real game.

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