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The above title must have given you the idea about the topic which I am going to touch upon today i.e. books.I have always been a voracious reader and strongly recommend others to do the same.I have always loved to read self help books and the autobiographies of great people.Its not that I have any kind of animosity towards romantic or thriller genres,but it has never appealed me the way the above mentioned books do.

Whatever you want to become has been already written about,and guess what,its all available! Jim Rohn once said that successful people have libraries,while the average people have large TV sets.So I guess what he tried to suggest us was this-victims love entertainment whereas the leaders love education.I have always been fascinated in knowing the kind of obstacles they had to face and the undeterred will power which they mustered to conquer those challenges.

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So I invite you to read some inspiring books which will push you,stretch you and mould your mindset in a positive way.It is said that the hand that puts down a great book is never the same again.The mind when stretched by a new idea finds itself difficult to go back to its original dimension.

I strongly recommend you to read the autobiographies of Mahatma Gandhi,Nelson Mandela and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam because reading those books is nothing less than having a conversation with them.And like every great conversation,you walk out being a better human being.

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