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Learning From Nature

The civilisation is trying to destroy it,
But for our children, we've got to preserve it.
The lush green grassland uplifts our mood,
We owe to it a lot as it provides us with nutritious food,
And helps to replenish water with its phenomenon called rain,
Equanimity is the thing which it helps us to maintain.
It rises above discrimination, giving plenty to all,
We humans can learn from it who cheer from others' fall.
Inspiring it is, service is its legacy,
Will we ever shed our ignorance and reach out to the nature ? Well, hopefully!

The last two words of this poem always ignites a sense of optimism within me that one day we will be able to comprehend the true value of nature rather than hurting it when it pleads for mercy; that one day we will take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the rainbow and the serenity of the sunrise ascending gently above the horizon rather than turning our backs onto it, missing out those small moments which really constitute a happy life.

I sincerely pray to the Lord to enlighten us so that we humans could have the wisdom to realise the fact that we have inflicted upon nature immense amount of pain. Let the nature not be angry with us, for its wrath has always been hard for us to handle and bear.

The disparity in the attitude of the people towards nature hundreds of years ago and now is wide, vivid and conspicuous. We disrespect it, so we see its fury; they revered it to the extent of adulation, so they saw nature in its pristine form; the form of compassion, love and calmness. Nature has acted as a medium for God to shower his blessings upon us. It is said that nature is the best teacher. I wonder whether anybody will ever argue against it.

Since last two years, I have made it a point to walk in the woods.. For me, it has always been an abode of fresh ideas and a constants reminder of what our life would look like if we stay connected with the nature and try to learn from it. Now here is what I have come up with after all these years of nature walk:

Nature in the form of water cycle can teach us many things. The water vapour originating from the water bodies and reaching its ultimate destination, i.e. sky, teaches us that even if there are millions of people around us, even if there is a cut-throat competition in almost every field we see, but still if we are able to unleash our gargantuan potential, if we are willing to rise up to the occasion and if we are ready to savour and learn the simple yet powerful message that life sends us on a regualar basis, then we will be able to leave the herd and get mastery in the things which we do.

But the water vapour never stays in the sky being lonely. It quickly makes up a cluster of water vapours and forms a cloud. Here, it makes us realise that no matter how good we are, we should always find people who have the right mindset, who will push us, stretch us and help us to go to the next level of possibilities. It teaches us the importance of creating a winning circle.

With the cloud all filled up, it gets down to its source. It quenches the thirst of the people and the trees alike and directly spreads greenery around the world. Now here is the final message of the water cycle to ponder upon - In life, it is not only about who we become that matters, but its also about what we give back to the world, how many lives we were able to touch, and how much service we were able to do to the humanity.

In life, no one ever did any great thing by being busy being busy. Sir Issac Newton didn't come up with the Law of Gravitation by surrounding himself with a bundle of pages or ponderous books, but rather by sitting under a tree and observing an apple fall off to the ground. So I guess what I am trying to say is this - Nature always provides us with invaluable lessons to learn, but at the end of the day, it our choice, whether to take it and grow or just let it slip out of our hands.

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