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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Successful

Do you think that the people around you are growing leaps and bounds in terms of their financial, mental and physical health, except you? Do you feel ostracized when your friends become highly rich and successful, while you’re still paying bills and playing small with your life?

If so, then here are the 5 main reasons why you are not successful till now.

  • Lack Of Self Belief - Tom thinks that he is good at nothing. He gives a competitive examination, while thinking at the back of his mind that he won’t clear it, and he doesn’t. Tom gets married to a beautiful woman, but feels that it might not last long. Guess what? It doesn’t. Don’t you reckon that you are very much like Tom.

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           For real, you think that success is an esoteric, elusive thing only made for the elite group.  If you want to be successful, then the first thing which you’ve got to do is to declare war on your cynical belief system. You’ve got to believe that if anyone has done it at any point in the history, you can do it too. If it’s possible for one, it’s possible for you too.

  • Fear of Failure - I’ve said it many times before, that if you wish to live a happy and prosperous life, then you’ve got to dump your fear of failure in the dustbin. You won’t be able to achieve anything if you are still scared  to do what you are supposed to do.

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        Your fear will eventually doom you. What gain do you find by not operating to your potential?  What benefit is there for you if you are not willing to stretch yourself and reach out for the things which you had so badly desired at one point in your life? Replace your fear of failure with the thrill of victory, and you’ll see how your life will change, for better.

  • Loving The Comfort Zone- I like to call it ‘The Dark Zone’ because it is the place where your dreams, ideas and hopes start undergoing through a silent death. This zone has nothing but a pathetic, gloomy and a mediocre life in store for you.

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So, be comfortable being uncomfortable. Get out of the herd, quit the comfort zone and join the ‘Rare-Air’ zone of people who have nothing but their A-Game to display every time they show up, because if you follow the routine of the Successful people, then one day you’ll become one among them.

  • Reluctance in Putting The Work - The primary reason why you are not successful is because you only talk about the grind, you only talk about the hustle, but you are reluctant in putting in the work required to be successful. It is said ‘Everyone wants to eat, but only a few are willing to hunt’.

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The world does not need anymore preachers. It needs people who are relentless in hunting down the things that they want. So if you wish to be Successful, then get ready for some hard freaking work.

  • Inability To Handle Criticisms - Now, if you get to the conclusion that you’ll be successful after focussing on the above mentioned 4 things, then I’m afraid that you are making a big mistake, because these are the things which even the average people do. The difference lies in the ability to handle criticisms.

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Life is not going to present you a crystal stair. Your journey is not going to be hunky dory. There will be times when you’ll fail miserably. People will be making fun of you. They might start doubting on your skills. But what separates the winners from losers, is that the losers let the criticisms break them, but the winners convert it as their breakthrough, which enables them to be successful.

What was the reason which stopped you from achieving success? Do let me know.

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